Noise and vibrations


Vibroacoustic diagnostics is able to assess technical conditions of a vehicle. We are mainly interested in experimental research and development in the field of noise and vibrations using static and dynamic tests. We also develop testing devices and methods. Our research activities focus on the use of advanced methods of condition monitoring related to noise and vibrations.

Reasearch characteristics

Experimental research and development in the field of acoustics is carried out in cooperation with industry. It is often about verifying and inspection of machine design regarding emitted noise. For this purpose, we analyse acoustic pressure of machines and devices and measure acoustic power using standardised methods. If needed, we apply advanced methods of noise source localization (NAH, SONAH, Beamforming and conformal mapping). We further focus on experimental and applied research for industry. We help industrial companies to develop and innovate their products. We develop devices and methods for assessing technical conditions of car dampers. We are equipped by the devices for measuring non-electrical quantities, which are applied with respect to the needs of the specific tests.

Laboratory equipment

  • semi–anechoic chamber
  • high-performance multichannel measurement system for noise analysis and noise source localization B&K Pulse platform
  • sound level meter B&K 2270